My Why

It has been quite some time since the first time my husband told me I should start a blog. At the moment, I laughed at the idea and dismissed it while saying to myself “I do not have enough time”. However, it is funny how things turn around when you least expect them to. 

After holding this conversation with my husband, I found myself constantly writing things down to be able to remember them with better details. Then, these written thoughts helped me at difficult times and even when friends needed some encouragement. I even gave a friend the note to read herself and it was exactly what she needed. After a few instances, I realized my husband was right.

You would think this is when I started this blog. Unfortunately, that is not the case. (Insert sad face and slap on the face.) I kept on going about my life because well, I was about to have my first baby and everyone told me I needed to rest as much as I could. I decided sleeping was more important and, once again, pushed blogging to the side. 

But God works in mysterious ways.

Recently, I found a misplaced note that reminded me of something sweet my husband did and how God transformed a situation for good. Additionally, it dawned upon me the many blog posts I read that encourage to keep moving forward.

To top it off, OUT OF NOWHERE, my husband said to me once more that I needed to write because there are many who could benefit from my short stories. So here I am, writing. 

 I pray and hope this is a blessing to you. 


PS- Shout out to my awesome husband for encouraging me. Thank you and I love you!

Trust in God as your anchor to your soul and you will reach your purpose.

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