“Your life will change” a common phrase

Since before I got pregnant one of the frequent phrases people would say to me and my husband was: “Your life will change!” That’s it. I mean, will it change for good, for bad, how much… Well, let me tell you a little bit about our experience.


As we were getting ready to receive our baby girl into this World we would start saying to each other, “OH, how will we do this when the baby gets here”, “we need to change this when the baby arrives”, and so on. The more we imagined it the more overwhelmed we felt. But came the day and she arrived. Now, we had to adjust our routine in every sense. Instead of asking ourselves if we have our phones and the keys we also must think if we have enough diapers and spare clothes in the baby bag or not. Our way of thinking changed and so did our lifestyle. 


At first, it was hard, tricky, and mind-boggling everything we needed to do to go out to Church or to run an errand. But now, we got the routine down to a T and when we think about our lives we cannot imagine it without her in it.  Moreover, on the few occasions someone has taken care of her for a few hours while we go out, we tend to look for her and it feels extremely strange to drive in a silent car listening to something other than I just can’t wait to be King or Get back up again (although she now rides without music at times).


All of this reminds me of the changes we go through when we come to life in Jesus. Our way of thinking and lifestyle changes. Even when it hurts, our friends change, people at work make it hard, our music preferences and way of talking changes, and so much more.


However, there is a fascinating fact in all this. For both God and in parenting, we do not get a day off, we cannot call in sick. If we wake up tired, we do not get to sleep in. Both require us to be ready because we may be needed at a moment’s notice. Both depend on us working through our own pain and discomfort to serve another person.


Moreover, and most importantly, the two relationships rely on prayer. There is no greater weapon than this to keep up doing your work. Do not give up!  Your life changes in so many ways that there could never be an exact explanation for either becoming a parent or starting a new life in Christ. A relationship with God will give you rewards only you can experience and if you have the privilege of being a parent, then you get to taste a portion of how big is God’s love for us.

Do not give up! That change will be the best one yet.

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away. Behold, the new has come!     2 Corinthians 5:17 

Trust in God as your anchor to your soul and you will reach your purpose.

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