How to prepare for Disney World with an infant

I am one of those people that like to know where everything is. When we go out, it is helpful to know that my daughter’s silicone mat is inside my small piece of JuJuBe’s Be Organized, which is inside the top back pocket of my Be Right Back, instead of having to look for it all over my bag. When it comes to packing for trips, I prefer to do things this way too.

Our trip to Disney is just around the corner (Insert Party Dance YAY) and despite all the times we have been before, planning the trip this time around has had its challenges. First off, knowing what to do and what to bring because this time it is not just my husband and me. The first things we needed to worry about were car-seat and stroller.

*For the car seat, it was pretty easy since hers is approved for aircrafts and we bought a ticket for her. I recommend buying a ticket for your little one instead of bringing them on your lap whenever possible. It is much safer, especially because we do not know when there will be turbulence. Also, sending a car seat as cargo on an airplane might damage it.

*For the stroller. We did some research, as we wanted something that was easy to carry, easy to fold (it needs to be folded when boarding Disney transportation), recline-able seat, and that had a decent amount of under storage. We decided on the Chicco Liteway (I totally recommend it) and I was blessed enough to have found a denim special edition on Clearance at my local Babies R Us. I fell in love with this stroller because the seat is easy to recline, just a click, and it reclines almost all the way (excellent for my baby’s naps). Also, the storage space underneath is easily accessed (Let’s be honest, the stroller will carry everything). This stroller is also easy to fold and light to carry. An extra thing we did was buy a banner or tag for it (the one on the photo). Here is the link to the group: 


Next thing we need to worry about is diapering. We do cloth diapers at home and we love it, but when we travel we turn to disposable. Just buy the brand you feel more comfortable with and if you have the means to buy the diapers once you get to Florida (or California), I recommend you do so.

*Clothing: I may be an over packer, but I planned for the outfit I really want on a certain park, a backup outfit for that day, and then extra clothes just in case there is an accident. I do not mean three sets of clothing per day, although it sounds like it. I mean two per day and then about three extra pants and shirts total.  Also, I will dress her in princess’ dress, but she will not be dressed this way all day for she is only almost a year old. A bit of extra packing but hey, three of her items make one of mine.


Finally, it goes down to the little details. One thing was shoes. We found ourselves at a crossroads because all we had for our daughter was boots so we needed to buy a pair of tennis and a raincoat. Both things will be bought when we get the diapers. Another thing we will buy there is the snacks, that way we save space on our luggage. You know your little one, therefore you know how much food you need to bring along for the trip. Once there either run to the store or order from a delivery service like Instacart, you get FREE DELIVERY on your first order. 

That is it! Now all you got to do is relax , enjoy your vacation and remember that no matter what happens God is by your side.


Trust in God as your anchor to your soul and you will reach your purpose.

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