How much more? A weirdly awesome experience!


If you are a mom you that it is weird to have time to ourselves and even more rare when it is a long period of time. So, this day came in my life. After more than I can remember, I had too much spare time (there is such a thing!) and I missed playing with my baby.

I am a stay at home mom, so my routine works around being with my baby girl and doing everything with her by my side. Well, I had a workshop on a Saturday and dad stayed home with her. That morning, like most of our Saturday mornings, we woke up late and had breakfast. After this, I quickly changed clothes and left. When I came back around 4 hours later she was sitting in her chair, having lunch, and watching a movie with daddy. I sat down and joined them for lunch. As soon as she finished she asked to drink some boob and instantly fell asleep. Three hours later, she was still asleep. If you count and take into consideration that we woke up to eat and I quickly left, that was more than 7 hours without playing with her or being silly. I started to feel strange and an urge to wake her up (which I did not!) to play with her and have a silly conversation.

This experience made me wonder two things:

  1. How much more desperate does God feel for us to talk to him and spend some time with Him?

2. How much more can I spend daily with Him to feel that same urge I felt with my baby?

Being a parent has definitely changed the way I look at things and this is just another example. God urges for us to speak to Him. Yes, He knows all things, but it is always so much more special if we take a few moments to spend time with Him and tell Him how we feel. Take a moment and imagine his urge for you. I’ll give you a few to think about it.




OK! Good! Now, decide at which time each day is it better for you to spend with Him. You can even turn off the radio on your way to work and talk to God. Silence can be a magical thing.

Invest time with God, and keep asking yourself How much more?




Trust in God as your anchor to your soul and you will reach your purpose.

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