My Baby is One Year Old!

I have been dreading this post. I still cannot believe it has been a year since she came into this world!


Of course, our big One Year Old celebration was at Disney World and we had plenty of fun. Now that we are back home we celebrated with close friends and her God parents. It was a small gathering that showcased all the joy she brings into this World. We also worked within a budget, so we did not go overboard.

The theme: Sofia the First. We wanted to do something she enjoys and, apart from Olaf, she loves Princess Sofia. All she needs to hear is those first notes and she knows one of her favorite songs is about to go on. Her smile is priceless! On top of that, Princess Sofia’s dress is purple which went excellent with the color combination I wanted- purple, lilac, pink, and fuchsia.

The centerpieces for the tables were DIY’d by me. All it took was some empty spaghetti sauce containers, gold spray, some glittery/princess stickers, stencils to draw her initials, and some flowers from the craft store.  Other than that, some Sophia pictures here and there, a big happy 1st birthday banner, and a garland that had a picture of her from every month in her first year of life.

We played games, laughed, ate some really good food, and rejoiced at how blessed we are to have celebrated a year of her life alongside everybody that was present.

As I stood there thanking everyone for sharing with us that day, right before singing Happy Birthday, I was amazed at how blessed we are. God has truly given us a family away from home. It is not easy to celebrate these little milestones away from family, but for a moment I did not feel sad about it. God has placed people that love us in so many ways there is no time to feel sorry for ourselves. He has taken care of every little detail.

Following God’s call has led us to where we are, and we remain marveled at what He continues to do. This past year has been challenging and full of growth. I cannot wait to see what else is in store for us next year.



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