Can I breastfeed in that? Tips for breastfeeding fashion!

I am pretty laid back when it comes to fashion. I am not a follower of big designers and I will not be dressed to the latest fashion trend. In fact, I have always disliked dressing to the specific trend because I thought that it minimized my uniqueness. However, I’m not here to talk fashion, I will leave that to other bloggers. (Check out Elisamar)

What I do want to discuss is: Oh! My! God! It has been so hard to dress nicely after giving birth. While pregnant, I did not put too much thought upon the fact that I would nurse my baby and therefore I need to be dressed appropriately. I remember that on the first doctor’s appointment when my baby was just 4 days old, I had thrown on a comfortable maxi dress. You would think “great choice!” it was comfortable, and it was just a doctor’s visit. I came to find out how wrong I was later on when I had to completely take it off at the doctor’s office to nurse my baby. There was no other way for me to feed her, so I did what I had to do. Thankfully it was cold outside, and I had dressed in layers because if not I would have basically been in my undies. After this fun incident, I analyzed my closet and paid attention when going out, no matter how short the trip was.   These are a few tips I know you will find handy:

*The two-shirt method has become my everyday life. For this method, all you must do is wear a camisole underneath your regular shirt, which should not be fitted so that it is comfortable to roll up.


 *A button down or zippered shirt will become one of your favorite styles.


*Spaghetti straps or camisoles with a cardigan or a sweater are super comfortable and practical.


*Strapless or off-the-shoulder will become a neckline you hunt for.

Although I have learned to dress a different way to aid myself in this process it has been a great adjustment for me because I love high necklines. Of course, with breastfeeding high necklines are not very helpful but you can work your way around them.

Now, when I go shopping I must calm myself down and see if the perfect dress I just found is “breastfeeding approved”. Yup! Feeding my daughter has determined my outfits for the past year (and a little longer). This is something that took me by surprise, completely! No one told me I had to be aware of this. I was not prepared!

I have been breastfeeding for a little longer than a year, it is now second nature to me. Although I admit, finding clothes to celebrate Christmas and New Years was challenging; and then I never dressed up for New Year’s Eve (Read here why). It can become frustrating at times, but now that I look back I would not change a thing. Keep at it! Do not give up! Maybe a for a few weeks, or a few months, or a year, or more. This is something that will last only a small fraction of your life.

So now you see, when we come to God, there will be things that will take us by surprise. Some of these things will take longer for us to get used to while others will become second nature quickly. The important thing is that we don’t give up and trust that things will get better.


Trust in God as your anchor to your soul and you will reach your purpose.

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