Why you need to Be Specific when you pray

Many of us enjoy going to Starbucks, or any coffee shop. There is something very peculiar about these stores: customers order things very specifically. They walk in and tell the cashier exactly what they want. Customers may be as specific as they want with choices like:


*milk: regular, low fat, fat-free, almond, coconut, soy

*flavors: not just the flavors but also the number of “pumps” and you may also combine them


*add-ons like whipped cream or caramel crumble


This information is passed on to the barista who carefully crafts your beverage to provide you with the desired result. This seems like a straightforward system- and it is.

All this got me thinking- if we are bold enough to be specific about a beverage why are we not bold enough to ask God for what we desire?

First, please, let’s place aside the fact that God knows our heart.

Second, keep in mind that when you express your specifications you are doing so to a person you do not know.

Third, I am aware that we cannot compare ordering to our desires but bear with me for a few minutes as I explain myself.


Before getting pregnant I had this friend whose baby was, and still is, gorgeous. I remember telling her this many times and at some point, I asked for advice. She said to me- “when you pray, be specific”. Whoa! How specific? 

“As much as you desire” was her answer.

I then began to pray for specific things in my daughter such as her eyes, her nose, her nose, her feet… you get the idea. But God placed in me a desire to go beyond physical matter, therefore, one of the things I began to pray for was for her to be happy and God to guide us in guarding her heart and making her happy.

When my baby was born first thing I looked at was at her big eyes with eyelashes that went on for miles (like my husband just as I asked) and then her feet, and her little hands with such long fingers so that she could play instruments easier than I can. God had answered every single one of the specifications I asked. I was awe and said to myself “it worked!” But I had no idea how well it had “worked”. My baby is known as the “Happy Baby”, always a smile on her face. There have been days where I find myself felling down and there she comes to brighten my day.


I encourage you- BE SPECIFIC!

God will surprise you and work beyond your imagination. All you have to do is ask.

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