‘Ohana, is it worth it?

Our most recent visit to the Sunshine State was a bit different for us. This time around, we did not go to any of the Disney World theme parks but rather went to Universal Orlando and enjoyed our hotel. Now, we can take ourselves out of Disney but Disney is always with us. Therefore, in one of our free days we decided it was fit to do a Character Meal, which we had never done before. Of course, our options were a little limited since we had to choose a restaurant outside of the parks. Mister Mickey Mouse was first on our must-see list, and the already shortlist was narrowed down to ‘Ohana and Chef Mickey’s. We found reservations for both but ended up choosing ‘Ohana because it is table service while Chef Mickey’s is buffet style.


Here are the highlights of our meal

* We checked in, received a text message our table was ready, were greeted by a “cousin”, and taken to our table.

* Our “cousin” explained the menu, brought bread, POG (passion fruit, orange, grapefruit) juice, and finally a huge plate with scrambled eggs, waffles, sausage links, and pineapple ham. The eggs were too moist for me. I mostly ate waffles, but my husband and daughter loved the eggs. However, I’ve never been a fan of pineapple ham but the one they served was so good that I ate all that was served and asked for more. In short, food was really good.

*First up was Mickey, as my one-year-old screamed out of the top of her lungs when she saw him. She wanted to climb out of her chair and hug him. When he finally came to the table they kissed, and she was so happy that that moment alone made the meal for us. Then came Lilo and finally Stitch. Stitch was really fun too! Once we were done with food and left, Pluto was outside to greet us. This was the best character experience by far. He got down to her level and let her play with this nose and whiskers.

*The downside for me– I did not eat until all the characters had gone by. I was taking pictures, dancing around, and enjoying my baby’s excitement with the characters. Once I got to eat, I had to rush because they were starting to clear the tables for the next group of people.


Although I felt rushed towards the end, we are glad we did this and consider it completely worth it. However, we will not repeat when we come back and will not add this experience to a Disney experience in the future, but I do consider it worth it at least once and especially if you cannot enjoy the magic inside the parks.

Above all- the important thing is that you enjoy yourselves and remember to have fun.mickeymickeyherplutostitch

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