Cloth diapers?! SURE

It’s been a journey!

Serval people ask me about cloth diapering, so I have decided to write a general blog and then I will do others that are more specific to a system or style. Let’s get down to basics.


My baby has been on cloth diapers full time since she was about 3 months old. Let’s face it, those first months we barely have time to eat, sleep, and take a shower, I did not want to add the extra load of dirty diapers. In addition, my husband was away because well, that’s military life, and my baby was so small they were too big for her until she was around three months. That’s when we transitioned.

What have I learned:

  1. Do not go crazy buying from one brand, or because there is a sale, or because this is the print you really like. You will probably end up losing money.
  2. Make sure you set yourself a budget and a maximum amount of diapers you want to manage.
  3. The hardest part is putting them together once they’re washed and dried.
  4. You have got to stay on top of it and not stray away from your routine- you will regret it if you do. Besides, a good cleaning routine helps them last longer.
  5. Do not be afraid to let your kid run in just their diaper!
  6. It is OK to do disposables during vacations.
  7. It is OK to go part-time at any time because you need a break.
  8. Clean poopie diapers ASAP, the longer you wait – the harder (and stinky-er) it will be.

My favorites so far (again, I will explain shortly and later add more info)

  1. Diaper covers with a flat- Yup, the good old fashion piece of cloth you gotta fold, that is my favorite. For starters, they are the easiest and fastest to clean. Also, I found this work at home mom that makes the best diaper covers and has the cutest fabric options. Sorry, she just stopped taking orders so I will not say who she is. I am just blessed to have as many diaper covers from her as I do.
  2. The fitted system is my favorite for night time. Of course, it needs a cover, but I’ll get to that on #3. This is an all absorbency diaper system. My favorite brand THX, or a work at home mom: Karamawi. This system is especially awesome for when they are about a year old and older, or for a heavy wetter.
  3. Wool diaper cover for that fitted diaper. Wool is magical! Apart from keeping the bed dry it also keeps the smell in and helps keep the baby’s body temperature regulated. I can go on about wool. For this, I also recommend Karamawi or 6BagsFull.
  4. Pocket diapers are my go-to for outings or for when dad is looking after the baby (since he hates flats). My favorite brand here is Alva Baby, but there are plenty options that work just as good.
  5. Best absorbency is either bamboo or hemp with a cotton flat around it (Wal-Mart, kitchen section, flour sacks). The cotton flat will absorb quickly while the bamboo or hemp will help baby feel dry and will help the diaper hold more pee.

I dislike All in ones and All in two’s. Most of the all-in-one diapers are made with microfiber absorbency and it does not work with my girl. Also, they are hard to clean, and they take forever to dry. Besides, the fit for both of those styles does not go well with my girl. I have always had leaks and just decided to part with them and stick to my flats and pockets.

Now that’s my overview.

And remember, whatever you choose to do is the right thing. I did this for the environment and to save money on diapers. Trust me, it’s so good to not have to do a Target run at 9PM because there are no diapers.

When I had to have a c-section and found out my husband was leaving right after our daughter’s birth I almost gave up, but I found the courage and strength to do it. I am glad I did! This experience opened my eyes and showed me that God allows us to go through certain things so that we realize just how strong we are.


Keep up the good work! Don’t give up! You are on the verge of a breakthrough.

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