Something to learn from Sofia’s dad

Sofia the First is my daughter’s favorite TV show and let’s face it, we like it too. (I am sad to know it aired its last episode this past September 8.)  A little background on the show- Sofia and her mom lived in the village. One day the King met Sofia’s mom and fell in love. Then they got married and Sofia went to live in the castle with the King and his children, twins Amber and James.

There are many things I like about the show, starting with the fact that they treat each other like true brothers and sisters, and continuing with the fact that Sofia does not always do the right thing. Sofia often makes mistakes and learns from them. On the other hand, there is the King, their dad, and this character really touches my heart.

I lost my biological dad when I was around two years old, and I met my dad when I was about four years old. If you see my dad, you would not know that he is my step-dad unless I tell you, and I never do. Our relationship has no difference because we love each other like so. Many people would question me this, and when I started watching Sofia the First I quickly clicked with the dad because he treats Sofia in the same manner as Amber or James, just like my dad with my brother and I. There is even an episode in Season 3 where he tells Sofia that he is her dad and that he loves her! This is commendable, and one of the reasons I love this character.


Another thing I enjoy about the character, and this one my husband noticed too, he believes in his children. Meaning, whenever they come to tell him something he knows that they are telling the truth, even when it involved Sofia being transformed into a cat! This translates into the fact that they have taught their children to be truthful and that he has built a confidence in them to come to him for everything. This teaches me that no matter how occupied I am, I must listen to my baby. Even now when she is not even speaking correctly. In her own words, she comes and tells me this stories of what went on and I get down on her level and listen. Listening to our children now will build the confidence they need and teach them that they can trust us.

This brings me to the other thing I have learned from this character, he guides his children to think and always shows them that they are loved- even when they made a mistake. There is this episode in which they all lie to the King and even though he is mad, he is fair and shows them how much they are loved. Everyone should follow this. In this, King Roland reminds me of God, for He is a loving Father to all of us.

Sit down with your children and watch their shows, that way you know what is influencing them. And who knows, maybe you will learn something too.

Anchored in Him,


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