When in doubt, babywear!

There are many gadgets and tools that are marketed to parents as a way to make their lives easier, but to me, babywearing is more than marketing or a tool.

While I was pregnant, I decided to look into safe babywearing and ended up purchasing two appropriate carriers for my baby,and was gifted a ring sling. I am no expert, but I did read a lot and understand that there are several stages in the development of the baby. The two most important things are that the baby’s legs are positioned in an M, and that the curvature on the baby’s back is like a C. The younger the baby the bigger the curvature, meaning his or her back has to be in a more pronounced C shape.

However, this post is about how babywearing my baby correctly has saved my life. I have used wraps, ring slings, and, my favorite, Lillebaby’s Complete Carrier. Now, the wrap and the ring sling were amazing the first six months. But currently, my go-to is my Lillebaby and I am dying to get another one in a different fabric. But that’s a whole other story.

Being a mom is hard, and on teething days or sick days, it is way harder. As I write this post, my daughter has been running a fever for a week! She’s a daddy’s girl and has not wanted to spend time with her daddy but rather with me. Let’s face it, as they grow they get heavier and it is harder for us to carry them around. Our arms get tired, our back starts hurting, and well, we also need our hands to actually do stuff around the house. So in comes babywearing to save the day. I just strap her on, and she is close to me just like she wishes but my arms are free and her weight is distributed in a way that allows me to carry her longer.

Now, babywearing it’s not just for days like this. Babywearing can be done basically anywhere. I babywear at Church while rehearsing, or during the service when she is super active and I want to keep her close. I babywear when running a quick errand, while on a Target run, or even at the airport when we travel. Last time we went to Puerto Rico it was just the two of us. Strapping her on my back and using her stroller to push our luggage was the easiest way ever to move around at the airport. Besides, getting through security was a breeze because I did not have to worry about my child running off.

Also, have I mentioned it is great for daddies too! My husband loves carrying her on his back when we are either rehearsing or going to a place where we need to walk quite a bit but we do not want to take the stroller. He also loves carrying her on the front. They have great bonding time too and she loves falling asleep on her dad’s chest!

So there you have it when in doubt, say a prayer and babywear! It will calm your fuzzy baby and will rest your arms. It will keep your baby close and put at ease your mind. And remember, it will get better! God has given us the strength we did not even know we had.

Anchored in Faith,


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