Pregnancy Reality Check

I feel like it has been forever since the last time I wrote.  This second pregnancy has made me feel extremely tired and nauseated. On the other hand, it reminded me of how precious time is, so I have been resting and soaking in on all the time I can with my baby girl. All this time had me thinking- there are so many things that people don’t say about pregnancy, so here is a reality check.


  1. The first trimester is hard.
  2. You will get cramps just as bad as PMS and sometimes even worse. This is due to the uterus expanding.
  3. Your skin will be super itchy because it is stretching, and Im not only talking about your belly.
  4. Your feet will start swelling up, sometimes sooner rather than later. So, start watching your salt intake. For this pregnancy, I can wear a total of three pairs of shoes I have had to buy a whole size larger!
  5. You will get darker! Nipples, underarms… It’s just your body preparing itself and all the hormones changes.
  6. Talking of hormones changes… you might need to try a few different deodorants as yours might start to feel like it’s not enough.
  7. Your boobs will sometimes feel like they’ve been hit by lightning bolts. That’s your body preparing itself for milk production. PS- boobs may get stretch marks too!
  8. You will probably just want to sleep, ALL DAY. Never take sleeping for granted as it will get harder.
  9. You will also want to pee VERY frequently.
  10. You will not understand your cravings as sometimes it will be for things you don’t ever eat.
  11. There will be this awkward phase of your clothes not fitting you but maternity jeans are sliding off of you. Also, the numbers in the scale might go down while you are getting bigger.
  12. Figure out how to kick your morning sickness to the curb and stick to that routine. There are many “solutions”, be open minded. Also, it should be called “”all-day sickness”.
  13. It does not get easier on a second pregnancy.
  14. Pregnancies are super different, no matter the gender of the babies.

However, most important of all, despite everything that rises up, once you hear your baby’s heartbeat it will all be worth it. Stay positive, it will soon be over. Hormones will go back to their normal levels and your sensitiveness will wind down. Your body will continue to do what it needs to supply for your baby. You will have the strength you did not know you had to keep on pushing. Pregnancy can be brutal, we just have to make the beat out of it.

And to those that are around the preggo mamma, please know- it is not easy to make a human. It takes 24 hours, every day, for the duration of the pregnancy. Be patient with her. There are lots of things going on and it helps if she gets extra love.


Anchored in Him,




  1. Gracias por compartir tu experiencia con este embarazo. Ya verás que cuando nazca el bebé no te acordaras de todo este tiempo. Ánimo hermosa. Que tu haces los bebes más lindos del
    Planeta. ❤️


  2. This is super difficult. I remember those days when I was pregnant of my boy. Terrible the first semester. But it were a great pregnancy all along. Beside that.. It was a beautiful season.
    So, honey boo.. enjoy it to the fullest.. Soon you will have you baby in your hands and everything will passed. Xoxo!


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