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I am a military wife, first-time mom, and a walking example that EVERYTHING in our lives works out for good.


Anchored in Faith

Allow me to encourage you through my experiences.

Let’s share and make new memories together in my personal blog and social media.


I have learned that it is not the machine but the eye behind it. I cannot wait to keep on sharing this part of me with you.



Becoming a mom has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding events that have happened in my life. Life away from kinship is nothing compared to the challenges of motherhood. However, both of them combined is a whole other game.

Family and God are the propellers of my life. I live to worship and I worship because I live.  


Some of my posts will be in Spanish, as this is my first language, but I enjoy writing in English and therefore the reason why I chose it as the main language. However, most of them will be posted in both languages.